Is this only for members of the tribe?

This is for all Jews regardless of background or affiliation. Since so many Jewish people vary on their interests and sensitivities, not every person will be able to attend every event. We respect our participants’ differences and want to set them up at tables that will work best for them.

Will I get my money back if I don't attend?

If you sign up and we don’t have a table for you this round, then we will refund your money 100% no questions asked. If you bail on us, then there is no refund.

Is this only for one denomination?

This is for everyone. Although each event may not have a table that fits, we have events for every Jew with a pulse.

I don't see my question here, what should I do?

No prob. We are building our FAQ’s as they come in. If you have a question, others probably do as well so please email us at